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Manufacturer of a Stainless Steel Roof and Wall tile system as well as ZALMAG (Zinc Aluminum and Magnesium surface coating).

Millennium Forms have completed countless exterior wall panel and tile projects worldwide. With a talented and dynamic team to help with your project. Millennium Forms is the only company in U.S.A. that permanently colors stainless steel.

Millennium Forms colors stainless steel with a process called light interference color (L.I.C). The L.I.C process increases the surface oxide on stainless steel which creates a prismatic refraction of light. Different thicknesses in the surface oxide create various colors. Millennium Forms also has the capability of coloring stainless steel sheets up to 48″​ X 120″​ in various gages and other architectural stainless steel items.

In addition to stainless steel Millennium Forms offers ZALMAG, The Solution to Zinc. ZALMAG is a new steel based product with a Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium surface coating. The material weathers similarly to natural zinc and has corrosion resistance comparable to that of stainless steel at a fraction of the cost. ZALMAG is available in 4 standard tile profiles, sheet or coil form.

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