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Old Mill Brick is a complete fire-tested thin veneer wall assembly system. Old Mill Bricks,  Panel+ system is the most cost-effective way to provide a code-compliant air barrier, continuous insulation, and a durable, high-quality thin veneer Panel+ is suitable for interior and exterior applications on floors, walls, and ceilings/soffits, over a wide variety of substrates and assembly configurations.

They are offering R-5 to R-20 insulation value without thermal drift in a Continuous Insulation configuration. A faster, simpler installation system that provides a guide channel allowing perfect spacing and alignment for a high-quality finished product. Panel+ is backed by a 15 Year System Warranty, giving you the confidence that everything “from” the sheathing out” is covered.

Old Mill Brick Commercial Wall Systems

Founded in 2007, Old Mill Brick is proud to represent sustainable and beautiful options to add thin brick or stone to any surface. Old mill Brick’s patented Brickwebb™, BrickPanel+™ and StonePanell+™ systems have transformed the brick industry by empowering users to easily and efficiently add genuine kiln fired clay brick or stone veneer to residential and commercial projects. With Brickwebb’s patented webbing system, you can complete your beautiful brick project quickly and easily. BrickPanel+ and StonePanel+ are full code compliant wall systems that provide quick and easy to install Continuous Insulation up to an R-20 value at an economical price.

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