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AWV is headquartered in Holland, Ohio and is part of the Mestek Architectural Group. AWV has more than 100 years of unsurpassed experience in the design and supply of architectural products. AWV’s portfolio with tens of thousands of successful projects includes some of the largest, most complex in both new and renovation applications.

AWV is dedicated to innovation and has comprehensive design capabilities. While this pages provides a general overview of AWV’s capabilities, we welcome the opportunity to develop solutions to satisfy your unique requirements.

Customized Louvers and Dampers for All Applications

Architects, mechanical engineers, contractors, and facility owners rely on American Warming and Ventilating to meet their ever-changing damper and louver designs and cost requirements through product innovation and technological advancement.

AMW’s Product Development and Testing Laboratory is proof of their pursuit of product excellence. Here, new product concepts and refinements to existing designs undergo rigorous testing before being introduced to the marketplace.

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