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Our clients include architects, designers and construction professionals creating some of the most innovative sustainable envelope projects in the industry.

Katia and her team are terrific collaborators with high level of technical expertise on the products she represents. Her experience, guidance and knowledge with architectural enclosure, particularly metal panel façades, were instrumental in a recently completed project. She is a pleasure to work with.
Hornberger + Worstell - photo

Hornberger + Worstell -

Co Chau, Design Architect / VP
I have been working with Griggs Systems for over 12 years and Katia has always provided viable solutions to our cladding and fenestration detailing and specification questions. Her knowledge about the industry is superb, and her friendly support in accessing technical or cost issues from suppliers and their engineers is timely and reliable.
Form4 Architecture -  photo

Form4 Architecture -

Philip Hyndman, Architect / Director
Kava Massih Architects has had the pleasure of working with Katia Griggs for many years. We keep going back to Katia because she and her team are good at what they do. They not only help represent a quality line of products, but they go out of their way to help us find the best the product and application for each project. They are an invaluable partner in our design efforts.
Kava Massih Architects -  photo

Kava Massih Architects -

Mark Schlientz, Principal
Our office has worked with Katia Griggs at Griggs Systems for more than a decade. When we find ourselves scratching our heads trying to figure out if there's a better way to employ a new rain screen product we might have seen in a magazine, or what our options might be for metal skins or brick veneers we always reach out to Katia first. Katia gets materials in our hands quickly and provides us with useful information which allows us to quickly evaluate if our budget can support a given material. Griggs also has a deep knowledge of the technical issue associated with the various products that they represent. We recommend Griggs Systems without hesitation
Trachtenberg Architects -  photo

Trachtenberg Architects -

David Trachtenberg, Principal
I have had the opportunity to work with Griggs Systems many times, and since my first project as a Project Manager, their staff has consistently provided support and commitment with both professionalism and knowledge. I can trust that the products they represent are sustainable and of good quality, which contributes to the success of our projects.
19six Architects -  photo

19six Architects -

Mariana Alvarez Parga, Principal
Our experience with Griggs Systems over the past 10 years has been more than exceptional. Katia and her team have been partners with us in key projects, from beginning to end. On design-build projects where technical accuracy is as important as product availability and ease of installation, they provide the entire team (architects and contractors) with valuable and accurate information that we can provide our clients in order to make informed decisions. There is no other product rep group more honest when it comes to information about product suitability, availability, durability, and cost than Griggs Systems.
Steinberg Hart -  photo

Steinberg Hart -

Katia McClain, Managing Principal
For almost 20 years, Katia, and her growing team at Griggs Systems, has been our go-to source for technical help with specifications and product selection for the exteriors of our building designs. We appreciate working with her and her team, who are always pleasant, professional and know how to get us the right resources without fail and in a timely manner. Her hard work makes a huge impact on the success of our projects. Thank you, Katia, and Griggs Systems for your continued support.
Aedis Architects -  photo

Aedis Architects -

Joe A. Vela, Managing Principal
Griggs Systems is the source of a fantastic array of architectural cladding and specialty products. What really makes them great is both the selection, and the systems knowledge, complete solutions for fastening systems, waterproofing and interface they provide. Katia and her team are dedicated to full service, from educating architects and builders, to sourcing and budgeting materials. They are on hand at all steps of the project, from concept to selection and specification, to field assistance. Working with Griggs Systems brings confidence and expertise to delivering premium products and materials and provides the star quality for a project to stand out and distinguish itself in the marketplace.
MBA Architects -  photo

MBA Architects -

Maia Gendreau, Architect
Over the past 6-7 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Katia on some pretty complex exterior envelope projects and have always appreciated her knowledge and candor. Whenever tricky detailing needed attention, her proactive approach of getting designers and manufacturers to the table, to work things out, was refreshing. She’s also not shy in getting the manufacturer’s help when she doesn’t have the answers, avoiding guesswork. I’m happy to say, since that first project we worked on together, because of her impeccable reputation, her involvement with more design teams and projects from our office has grown.
Watry Design -  photo

Watry Design -

Hannah Moyer, Sr. Project Architect
Griggs Systems has been supporting the efforts of our offices for the last decade, if not more. Whatever our challenge, whether it was a small project or a detailing issue, we received their complete support. Griggs Systems, and specifically Katia, have become our go to representative and our first step in the specification of any exterior product for our projects. Whatever our challenge or design intent, we know that they will have a system for us, can educate us on the advantages, and have the expertise to install it. In many cases, Griggs Systems went far beyond the normal project representative by personally introducing to us new products, training our subcontractors on the installation, reviewing shop drawings, and meeting us in the field to resolving issues. We have an extreme comfort level when it comes to the products Griggs Systems represents.
IBI Group -  photo

IBI Group -

Steve Sowa, Associate Principal
Katia Griggs quickly became a favorite of our San Francisco office for her attention to detail; her skilled mix of vendors and her responsiveness. As we’ve gone into work-from-home mode for the past 20 months, she has continued to be responsive on our projects and truly help us with our clients. Her product mix is thoughtful and contains a full range of manufacturers that allow us to really accommodate the high performance needs of our clients.
HOK -   photo


Anne Whitacre, Principal
I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with Katia Griggs of Griggs Systems on numerous projects in various exterior cladding systems throughout several campuses over the years. With each project, Katia offers a wide resource of knowledge and strategies for cost mindful solutions for optimizing value on each project we have developed. Working with Katia has been nothing less of a highly trusted collaborations where her support has enabled our ability to push the design innovation for each project to its fullest potential. Our design success has been incredibly support by Griggs Systems and their commitment as a champion of quality, affordable, just and equitable design outcomes in the built environment.
SmithGroup -   photo

SmithGroup -

Rosa T. Sheng, Principal
During initial design of our buildings, the first place we look while researching materials and envelope solutions is Griggs Systems. Whether it is roofing, cladding, translucent panels and window systems, or any number of other building components, Griggs Systems has a wide range of solutions to fit our needs. Above all, Katia and her team are great to work with, knowledgeable and with a wealth of experience and expertise.
tBP Architecture -   photo

tBP Architecture -

Jeff Rosier, Project Leader