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Barrier One Concrete Admixtures, create concrete admixtures that improve the concrete used in construction to increase durability, reduce risk, and shorten the construction timeline.

It is integral to the concrete and not surface applied. Its application would not interfere with the bonding of adhesives, resinous coatings, or cementitious underlayments.

This results in concrete that is denser, stronger, with increased abrasion resistance, reduced slab warping, and significantly reduced shrinkage and permeability

Concrete Solutions for Today’s Construction Environment

Barrier One Concrete Admixtures is the premier concrete admixture provider in the United States. Because moisture easily travels through untreated concrete, the costs of adhesion failure and topically applied moisture mitigation can quickly eat into the profits of even the largest construction firms.

Concrete takes on moisture 100x faster than it releases it back into the atmosphere, so exposure to water becomes a significant problem. With outdoor applications, the problems can escalate with freeze-thaw cycles and exposure to acids and chemicals such as deicing agents. Moisture moving within untreated concrete can cause embedded metals to corrode and the concrete to become compromised, dramatically reducing the strength and life expectancy of the slab.

Our flagship product, Barrier One, was developed to solve the problems inherent in concrete applications on construction sites around the globe. With the addition of CSXtreme and CPS, our robust product line continues to deliver real-world results. Barrier One and CSXtreme remain the only scientifically-proven porosity inhibiting admixtures (PIA) on the market.

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