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Danpal – Light Architecture

Insulated Sheathing & Rainscreen System
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Partner Description

Innovative Architectural Solutions of Polycarbonate Systems:

Facade, Roofing, Cladding, and Shading

For over 50 years, Danpal has been acknowledged as the global leader in natural daylight solutions for architectural applications. Our range of advanced daylighting systems has been purpose-developed, for every application imaginable for use within the building envelope. With a Danpal system in place, you are assured of an energy-efficient solution, helping you achieve Green Building standards.

Danpal systems turn any architectural structure into a work of art.

Architects are constantly seeking innovative solutions and raw materials to create the extraordinary. We understand architects’ needs to the last detail. Since our establishment, Danpal’s state-of-the-art systems have given architects the creative freedom to experiment with daylight in ever more experimental and inventive ways. With our advanced technologies, architects can create buildings that balance light, heat and aesthetics.

Our extensive range of colours, textures and reflections, offers architects a rich palette for creating inspired structures that illuminate the user’s experience – indoors and out, at any time of day.

Danpal® inspires architectural creativity with its rainbow of light architecture solutions. With over 50 years’ experience offering unique solutions to architects – Danpal® have supported a multitude of innovative and renowned architectural projects around the world covering millions of SQM.

When you choose Danpal®, you choose light-transmitting architectural paneling systems with unmatched diversity and creative potential. Our customized and easy-to-install range of systems literally transform light – whether natural or artificial – into a powerful and versatile tool, for architectural creations that radiate inside and out.

Danpal advise and support architects, owners and contractors from the project  planning stage to the  final  design and installation.

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