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Morin Corporation specializes in roll forming of Architectural heavier gauge single skin metal wall and roof systems. With over 100 profiles and three manufacturing locations, Morin is well positioned to produce for any size project.

The Morin story goes well beyond the panels. We thrive in helping customers bring their most challenging design ideas to life. Beyond panels we offer a complete suite of metal finishes including perforations, corners, coordinated louvers and fasteners and custom extrusions for a complete look.

Morin® Metal Wall and Roof Systems

Founded in the mid-1950’s initially as a steel installation company, during the 1960’s Morin grew to become a manufacturer of roll-formed metal wall and roof panels. In August of 2008, MORIN proudly became a member of the Kingspan Group of Companies.

MORIN is one of the industry’s most versatile manufacturers of single element metal wall and roof panel systems. With production facilities in Bristol, CT, Deland, FL and Fontana, CA, MORIN has a combined production capacity of over 50 million square feet, fabricating metal panels in more than 75 different profiles.

MORIN Single Element panels are 100 percent recyclable and meet the requirements for the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System. Morin’s nationwide sales network and in-house technical service teams are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for today’s progressive architecture.

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