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Reconstituted Stone Rainscreen
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Partner Description

Created and manufactured in Britain for 47 years, Petrarch Engineered Stone Rainscreen Panels are composed primarily of quarry marble that would otherwise be waste. Working with architects, Petrarch has designed over 1,500 colors with multiple textures and finishes. Like natural stone, Petrarch Panels will endure extreme environmental conditions, vandalism, and exposure for years to come.

Petrarch Rainscreen Panels are perfect for architects and builders looking for lasting Rainscreen solutions with aesthetic appeal. Create architectural structures with striking visual elements.

Natural Beauty That’s More Than Skin Deep

Key Features

  • Extensive and diverse color palette with multiple textures and finishes
  • Extremely durable and resistant to climate extremes/pollution. Great for high-impact and traffic areas
  • Proven performance – life expectancy in excess of 50 years
  • 0.15% moisture absorption after 24 hours submersion
  • NFPA 285, Class A Fire Rating
  • ICC pending
  • LEED-certified
  • Reliable lead-times
  • Easy to install (durable / no need to seal edges / can be field cut)
  • Exposed fastener or back fastener options
  • User friendly, supportive and proactive technical support

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