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Engineered Stone Rainscreen
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Steni – Engineered Stone Rainscreen Panels from STENI are both attractive and durable. STENI panels provide unrivaled versatility, durability, and an unrivaled 60-year warranty. High Gloss, Matte, and Half-Matte versions of the electron-cured acrylic surface are available.

The STENI Color, Aggregate, and Vision Rainscreen Panels open up a world of artistic possibilities. To give a building design a completely distinctive identity, you can combine color, form, polish, and patterns.

Super durable, stable, and low maintenance panels

Steni Engineered Stone Rainscreen Panels are both beautiful and strong. Steni panels offer flexibility, unparalleled longevity, and an unmatched 60-year warranty.

Steni Colour, Nature Aggregate, and Vision Rainscreen Panels open a world of possibilities in the creative process. Combine color, texture, gloss, and patterns to give a building design a truly unique identity.

  • 60-year Warranty.
  • Three styles: Nature, Vision, and Colour
  • Wide range of formats, 47.75” wide and custom lengths up to 11’ 5” long.
  • Panels are calibrated to ensure a perfectly smooth surface.
  • Panels are near impermeable and can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Anti-graffiti.
  • Low carbon footprint. Panels may be up-cycled. Residues are inert and have no impact on the environment. Best environmental classification.
  • Environmentally sound packaging for shipments to construction sites.

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